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SHANDY: The erstwhile Pattagars acted as mediators in transactions of bullocks. They facilitated the sales of mhote bullocks from the ryots to other regions and even abroad. They offered free bull service and procured the best progeny for further development of the breed. Due to growing demand, they offered the nucleus for the current District Livestock Farm semen station at Hosur and also the governments of Ceylon, Malaysia and Brazil. Changing times made the Pattagars to inaugurate cattle fairs and shandies as a point for direct transaction, first at Kannapuram (Kangayam) - from which the name 'Kangayam' stuck with the breed, Thavittupalayam (Anthiyur Gurunathaswamy temple), Athikombai (Oddanchatram)  and numerous other weekly shandies. Sadly, as the privy purse was abolished and the District Board system dismantled, the traditional knowledge flow stopped. The renewed interest in the breed has lead to the establishment of various services for the changing times.
  1. Shandy: A new shandy in the palace environs has been commissioned for direct farmer to buyer transaction of cattle. The name plaque. This transit facilitation point aims at finding homes for Kangayam cattle.

Name plaque

A normal business day at the shandy
Facilitators' numbers: 97885 80005 , 93085 33005
VIBHUTI: Vibhuti is traditionally made from naturally grazed desi cows' dung. The Sastric - Agamic formula of a kundam is constructed for sphutam of dung balls for this. Palayakottai Pattagar Kangyam Cow brand is being launched for the two -pronged purpose of value addition and creating distinction between real and fake Vibhutis. A few photographs of the process:
Lighting the Kundam

Extraction of Vibhuti from Kundam

Extracted burnt dung balls

A close-up

Quality prima: Suvarna varna Bhasma or Golden coloured Vibhuti
Second and third quality Bhasma:
Wastage - used as toothpowder in Ayurveda

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